Disclaimer: This is not about love or like. It’s about friendship and trust and how it’s all worthless in the end. It’s about a broken heart that never healed, but not in the way that everyone would think. It’s about endless conversations, poking and prodding, and spilling the beans. It’s about the game of life. And really, it’s about the fact that I let you in, broke down the wall brick by brick, and then, I realized it was all for nothing. But more than that, it’s about the fact that I can’t forget all those stupid inside jokes we had that nobody else will understand. The fact that I think about them at the most random moments and I can’t even laugh at them. The fact that part of me still wants that old friend back, because somehow, even though it turned out he didn’t know how to be a decent person, he got me. I doubt that guy even exists anymore, but I wouldn’t even know. I guess what all of this is really ever about is the fact that I need a friend to rely on, to be there at the touch of a button. And once upon a time, I thought he could be that person. Ha.

None of this even makes sense. Lawlssssssss.

Also, the whole post turned out to be part of the disclaimer. Even more lawls. GAH.